The case for slow fashion

Making sandals that are handmade means more time is taken to create the most beautiful product for our customers. However, in such a fast-paced world, it's easy to get lost in the relentless pace of more, more, more. Especially in fashion. Working in a creative industry, it's even easier to get sucked into that idea of "I have to release new things and it has to be available immediately". When really, it's not necessary. It's more important to build up a business that reflects our ethos of quality, craftsmanship and respecting the products and people we work with. That's why our sandals are entirely handmade - from carving the sole through to finishing. They may not be as perfect as an industrial product but we like to think they have more integrity.  

One of our greatest inspirations in design is Azzedine Alaïa. He who was namechecked in Clueless and has been worn by countless supermodels. Amazing dresses and shoes and genuine all round gentleman. Check out this amazing article on Another Magazine!

We hope to build something as amazing as he has created over the past decades!

Monica Arce Garcia