Why our packaging is helping you reduce waste

Leather Sandals packaging

We've discussed why we have chosen incredibly minimalist packaging for our sandals. Consisting of just organic muslin cloth, a leather tie and a recycled kraft paper swing tag, they are all chosen for their ability to serve different purposes and/or be recycled. For example, we chose the muslin cloth because it's a perfect way to wrap your leather sandals in your luggage when you travel, it can also keep your sandals looking in tip-top shape by using it to buff the leather or clean it. The vegetable tanned leather tie (remnants we haven't been able to use)  can be used as a bracelet, a hair tie or anything else you may want it for. We chose kraft paper for the swing tag as it can easily be recycled. Additionally, we send our sandals in tough paper envelopes that can also be recycled. 

As a fashion brand, it is definitely a tough choice to make. Do we package something with all the bells and whistles that people are used to or do we go our own way? As fashion is already one of the most polluting industries in the world, do we want to contribute more to the problem for a few minutes of pleasure?

Racked recently published an interesting article on this very topic and a few things jumped out at us: 

  •  Roughly one-third of trash in the US today is made up of packaging waste
  • 36 million tons of packaging waste ends up in landfills, according to The Guardian

We will continue to make our small contribution and look at ways of minimising our environmental impact in any way we can!

Monica Arce Garcia