The size of our sandals

How to measure your feet to see what size you should purchase

How to measure your feet to see what size you should purchase

Sizing. The bane of online shopping. To make it easy for you, we have provided the measurement of our sandals to help you make the best choice so you can start wearing your favourite new pair as soon as you receive them.

On each listing for our sandals, we have included a size grid that outlines our size, which is based on Italian sizing, and how that converts to Australian, US, UK or French. Underneath this grid, you will find the measurement of the sandal (both length and width). It is important to note we do not have half sizes. We have specifically designed our sandals for a close fit, i.e. very little extra sole either in front of the toes or behind the heel, as we think it looks chicer.

To measure your foot to see what size you should purchase, place an A4 piece of paper on a hard surface, stand normally and with a pen (perpendicular to the ground) trace your foot all the way around. Once this is done, using a ruler or tape measure, measure from the longest toe to the heel. For the width, measure at the ball of the foot (where your toe knuckles are).  This will provide you with the exact measurements needed to figure out what size would fit best.

If you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us via email ( or our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook).

Happy Shopping!

Monica Arce Garcia