The luxury of up cycling


We have all read recently about Burberry caught burning almost $40 million dollars worth of clothing. This is nothing new in the industry and you may be surprised to know that a lot of major luxury houses do this. Why? To keep that level of mystique and impression that their goods are in demand and always sell out. I guess this is where the term "fake news" actually applies. 

This ridiculous idea not only is harmful to the environment but also promotes the idea that goods are disposable. This year we have already reached the date where the earth can't sustain humans any longer. Which is why out leather sandals are made from leathers that are first grade but we also use second or even third grade leathers. That means they may show scars or other slight defects. Moreover, we upcycle leathers or hair on hide skins that may be thrown out. We are very, very conscious of ensuring we produce little to no waste, which is another reason we make to order for the most part. We try and hold little ready made inventory as possible to ensure we don't have stock that would go to waste. 



*Good article to read is this one by Dazed for more information 

Monica Arce Garcia