There's a strong ethical case for wearing leather, fur and silk

Quartzy’s recent article about Melissa Kwasny’s book, “Putting on the Dog: The Animal Origins of What We Wearis an excellent read to understand how going back to nature is actually better for the environment. Choosing natural products that are raised and killed sustainably is far better for the environment and society as a whole. This is something we wholeheartedly agree with. We’ve seen several announcements come out about fast fashion no longer user silk or other natural fibres. This type of greenwashing seems to be more superficial than anything else. What tends to replace natural fibres is manmade ones that have catastrophic consequences that we are now only starting to see with acrylic fabric releasing micro plastic fibre every time we wash them.

We stand by our decision to use kangaroo leather for our handmade sandals as it is the by-product of the meat industry in Australia. We have carefully chosen our tannery as it is certified sustainable and is local to us. Moreover, we know that this leather is long lasting. Our first sample of sandals are still going strong over 2.5 years later something that can’t be said for some fast fashion flats we bought in an emergency last year.

Would love to hear your thoughts about the article in general, how you would like to see industry moving or any questions you have about our materials or processes. Comment Below.

Saint Sauveur sandals for Intent Journal

Saint Sauveur sandals for Intent Journal

Monica Arce Garcia