Bare, naked, floss, minimalist strappy leathers sandals are here to stay!

Notts sunshine yellow bare strappy sandals.JPG

Bare sandals. Naked sandals. Floss sandals. Strappy sandals. 90s minimalist sandals. I’m sure you’ve seen all the articles on Who, What, Wear, Popsugar, Vogue and a lot of other magazines about the trend of 2019. We disagree. We don’t think they’re a trend. We have designed our leather sandals this way from the beginning.

Kempner strappy sandals in lilac and red

Kempner strappy sandals in lilac and red

Why? First of all, we think they more elegant and versatile. If you’re anything like us, we just can’t with heels so what better way to be comfortable and look great but in sandals that were designed to take you from beach to bar! But they look flimsy and probably hurt a lot we hear you say. No, they are we promise! Our sandals are made from kangaroo leather which is the strongest, softest, thinnest leather in the world. Seriously, they feel so good when wearing them. As the tester of all our sandals, I haven’t had one blister no matter how far I have walked in our sandals (And I walk a lot. Like 20km a day when in Paris and have worn them in different countries exploring new cities so can 100% vouch for their comfort and durability).

Check out some of our favourite new styles to keep you up with the bare, naked, minimalist sandal styles that are both strappy and sturdy! Any questions, shoot us an email!