Help! My sandals feel too tight!

When we began our brand, we made a decision that the leather we used for our sandals must be local, sustainably harvested and durable. Durability being one of the most important factors so we could ensure that sandals we made stand up to anything a modern woman does in the course of her busy life. Hence, the reason we chose kangaroo leather as the base for all of our sandals.

The Vosges leather sandals fit on a last

The Vosges leather sandals fit on a last

Kangaroo leather is local to Australia, as a native, soft footed animal they do not harm the environment that they live in. The kangaroos are harvested in a cull that is regulated by the government. As mentioned in a previous blog post, that means that the size of the cull is determined scientifically to ensure there is no adverse effects to the population. Go here to read more about this topic.

"They feel tight"

Kangaroo leather is incredibly thin and strong. It has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide. These properties make it perfect to make our sandals from as we know it can stand up to daily wear and tear and still look great. We also know that it has a bit more stretch than cowhide. We pre-stretch the leather to make sure it is a perfect fit, however, when you receive your sandals they may feel too tight. Don't worry, they aren't! What you may need to do is wear them around your house to break them in. Additionally, the quickest way we've found to make sure they fit you perfectly is to warm up the leather by blasting it with a hairdryer for a few minutes, trying them on and repeat if necessary. 

Monica Arce Garcia